Personal Branding Top 5 Tips - by Ramona Lever - Branding Portraits

Ramona Lever is an Internationally Accredited Behavioural Profiler and a leading expert in Personal Branding. Lever is also an established photographer with a successful studio in Melbourne. She specialises in Branding Portraits. Lever interviewed Web Design on Fire co-founder Stephanie Burak on her top five tips for personal branding. Burak's tips were featured in Lever's first video of her new personal branding video series.

How Did You Come Up with Your Business Name?

CEO Blognation features our CEO and co-founder, Stephanie Burak in How Did You Come Up with Your Business Name? Burak explains how our business name, "brings our brand to life". She also shares a three-step process for coming up with a business name. You will find her advice in the last paragraphs of the blog post.

Want to Build Your Personal Brand — Part Two

Build Your Brand With Social Media: As a continuation of the article "Building Your Personal Brand", find out how to use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to build, nurture and promote your brand.

Building Your Personal Brand

Invest in your future: Whether you are a business owner or an employee, who is motivated to make a name for him or herself, you need to build your personal brand. Even if you intend to keep the same job or own the same business for your entire career, one cannot predict what the future holds. For your own professional marketability and the success of your future businesses, invest in yourself. In this article, you will learn the foundational first steps to building your personal brand and promoting yourself through LinkedIn.

Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Present a Strong Branding Message - Part 2

Quoted from the article introduction: "...making a strong brand impact is the true key to turning your business into your Business. So how do you go about presenting the strongest of branding messages? We asked a few entrepreneurs their opinions on how to make a strong impact."