Marketing that spreads like Wildfire

Original Handmade Sculpture by Kevin Williams Facebook Fanpage

The key to our marketing success is that we:

  • Clarify your marketing message.
  • Find out who your customers are (their likes, needs, preferred communication methods, etc.)
  • Discover where to find your customers (where they look for information, and where they are open to consuming information, which they were not deliberately pursue.)
  • Examples include in blogs, forums, social media, YouTube, venues, direct mail, their email account, and the list of potential "places" goes on. From there, we focus our marketing on those places, and produce content they will want to consume. Rather than pushing content onto your potential clients, we hook them in so that they want to learn more.
  • Customize a plan where we market strategically in these "places" to meet your business objectives. From there, we can execute the plan for you, or train your staff in proper execution.
Case Study: Sculptor and stone carver Kevin Williams of Original Handmade Sculpture had no web presence early this year (2013). In a matter of two months, Williams' web presence has spread like "wildfire" and his inquiries increased. Web Design on Fire built him a responsive website that showcases his stone and bronze sculpture. We also publicize his projects and talents to validate his authority and manage a thriving Facebook fanpage to connect with his customers. The Original Handmade Sculpture website has a global ranking of 8 million on Alexa, which is excellent considering that the site is only four months old and he does not have a blog. Between his website and his Facebook page, Kevin Williams has the first four organic positions in Google's search results for original handmade sculpture and original handmade stone sculpture. He also has first page Google results for handmade sculpture, handcrafted sculpture and handcrafted stone sculpture. We will continue to update this case study as the progress unfolds.

Our Expertise

Pinterest notifications, illustrating social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Find out how social media can be leveraged to build your business and brand. Through cultivating and nurturing relationships with your customers, you will start to see more inquiries and conversions, which will give you the opportunity to close more sales.

Pay Per Click Marketing, Google AdWords

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising has the potential for high return with little to no wastage. Once we determine the best search terms to market your business, we can train you in how to set up and monitor your pay per click advertising, or we can run the show for you. Pay Per Click is an advertising channel that goes beyond Google Ad Words; through our discovery session, we will be able to recommend the best pay per click options for your needs and budget.

Email Template example for email marketing

Email Marketing

From e-blasts, to newsletters, sale announcements and more, we plan, design, and execute email marketing campaigns. The key to successful email campaigns is a combination of a/b split testing, strategic market segmentation and customizing the graphics and content to speak to the market segment. We will teach you the ins-and-outs of customizing your content to best communicate with each of your target audiences.

"Pull" marketing techniques, such as forum participation, ask-the-expert video tutorials and white papers

"Pull" Marketing Strategies

We know how to position you as the expert individual or business. Through promoting your skills, knowledge and unique value proposition, we will help you "pull" your customers towards your message. Some methods we employ include publicity and PR campaigns, and the development of resources such as video tutorials, white papers, and workshops.