Top 5 Personal Branding Tips

Personal Branding Top 5 Tips - by Ramona Lever - Branding Portraits

Stephanie Burak, CEO and founder of Web Design on Fire was interviewed on her top 5 tips for personal branding. You can find the video on Ramona Lever's website and on YouTube.

Stephanie Burak's Top 5 Personal Branding Tips:

1. Identify your core values.

Write down your business and personal values, and then select 3-5 core values to serve as the foundation of your personal brand. If you have trouble narrowing them down, consider the values significant to your customers and associates and align your values with them.

2. Make sure your words, actions, and efforts all point to your core values.

To help you with this, define what your chosen values look like, sound like, and what programs, events and endeavors would communicate the importance of those values to others?

3. Identify words, actions and efforts that contradict your chosen values and have nothing to do with them.

Figure out what actions, words and affiliations communicate the opposite of your core values so you know to stay away from them. You don't want to inadvertently sabotage your hard work.

4. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Vine and/or other social media outlets to reinforce your personal brand.

Get the word out about your personal brand through social media and other marketing channels. Before you publish anything, always review to ensure that the content (including the way you communicate) demonstrates your core values.

5. Live your values, always.

It is very hard to win back the public trust once it is lost. Be sure to model your core values at all times and never compromise them. It is better to take a loss now but maintain your integrity and reputation, than to opt for quick gain and damage your personal brand.