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When we develop websites, we follow all the best practices to make sure your website can be found organically by your potential customers.

Our team can teach you how to write your content to further optimize your website, or you can hire our content marketing experts to write the copy for you. Whatever your budget, we will make sure you have what it takes to succeed.

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case study

  • Artist and craftsman Walter S. Arnold has a thriving sculpture and stone carving business. Arnold is one of the few Americans able to carve beautiful stone sculptures by hand. However, in 2009, the majority of his commissions were fireplaces and he wanted to generate leads for other types of projects, such as religious sculptures and architectural ornamentation. Through optimizing both the code and content of his website, Web Design on Fire was able to help rank high on the first page of Google for all requested search terms, including religious sculptures and architectural ornamentation. In fact, at the time of the website overhaul in 2010, even ranked higher than wikipedia for some of the optimized search terms.