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A message from founder Stephanie Burak: "When starting this company, I made the deliberate decision to employ college students and recent graduates in order to give them valuable (and well-paid) work experience. While the Web Design on Fire business mission is to help your small business and web presence "spread like wildfire", our social mission is to provide mentorship and real-world experience for young people so that they can build their resumes, portfolios, and earn top, high-paying jobs out of the gate.

"I am hoping that by paying well, current students will be able to meet their financial requirements while allowing them more time to focus on their studies. I also hope it will allow recent grads the ability to meet their financial requirements in less hours so that they have more time in their week for job-hunting and networking."

Learning Experiences Designed by an Experienced Educator and Trainer

Stephanie Burak has worked in multiple educational institutions as a mentor, teacher and trainer for students, teachers, and professionals. Burak has an M.A. in museum education, which is an education degree with a greater emphasis on utilizing dynamic, integrated, and experiential methods to engage learners. She also has a diverse professional education background; at various points in her career, Burak served as curator of education at Auburn University's art museum, instructional designer responsible for training and supporting college faculty at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, IL, and director of educational initiatives for an art exhibition company that traveled internationally acclaimed art exhibits to major museums across the globe. These experiences and skills inform the design and implementation of Burak's student mentorship and employment program.

Helping Compassion Spread Like Wildfire

The profits earned through this business help fund Three Good Deeds,, which encourages caring for nature, oneself and others through sharing universal values, beliefs, and the wisdom and stories of individuals who choose to contribute to the site. Web Design on Fire also supports Compassion In Judaism,, which strives to spread compassion and loving-kindness through awareness of Jewish values, Jewish Biblical sources and texts.

Student Testimonial

  • "This summer I received the opportunity to work for Stephanie and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience! For most of my life I have resented the idea of learning in a college environment and now I can honestly say I am excited to take marketing classes this semester. Stephanie is an uplifting, encouraging person who has not only provided me with a job but has ALSO inspired me to love learning!" David Sullivan, Harper College

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